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Word study activities that help students learn phonemic awareness, decoding, word recognition, and word meaning.


ABC Order Flashcard: Flashcards that will help students practice alphabetical order.  Can be used in literacy centers or for themes.

Animal ABC Order (K-3)

21 animals in all and 4 worksheets to record student answers.
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Fruit ABC Order (K-3)

18 fruit pictures in all plus 4 worksheets to record student answers.
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Short Vowel Packet

5 animal vowel sliders with 2 sets of letters, pocket chart activity with 24 strips for each vowel, 1 File folder game, a list of word families for each vowel, 2 Cat in the Hat activities, 1 Cat in the Hat  fill-in-the-blank activity book, set of 36 Flashcards for each vowel, 5 Word Searches, 5 Practice Worksheets for each vowel, 5 Practice worksheets for all vowels, book cover for each vowel, vowel drill cards with lesson, teacher notes, 150 PAGES IN ALL.  
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Flashcards: These packs are great for use in literacy centers or for small group instruction.  Just download and print on card stock paper! Click for samples.
Short Vowel Flashcards
Grades K-2: (A, E, I, O, U)--5 Files


Vowel Diphthong
Grades 1-3: (OI,/OY,AW/AU, OW/OU, EW/OO)-- 4 Files


Consonant Digraphs
Grades 1-3: (SH, CH, TH, WH)-- 2 Files


Vowel Teams
Grades 1-3: (EE/EA, AI/AY, OA/OE/OE)--3 Files


Word Use
Grades 1 & up: Synonyms (28 pairs), Antonyms (18 pairs), Compound Words (25 words), Homonyms (22 pairs), Contractions (24 words)



Phonics Game Packets: Games you can print and assemble on poster boards.

Digraphs Game Packet (formerly Blends Game)

Grades 1-3: Digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch).
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$ 2.50

Short Vowels Game


Grades K-2: Short vowels (a, e, i, o, u).
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$ 2.50


File Folder Games: File folder games to help reinforce skills! Great for centers or reinforcement! They come in color so all you have to do is cut and glue!!

Short Vowels File Folder Games (Gr. K-2)

Monkey Around with Short Vowels, Short A Grads, Short E Detectives, Short I Kids, Short O Froggy Friends, and Short U Treasure Hunt -- 6 Games + 6 Worksheets + 2 file folder record sheets.

  • 1 worksheet for each game

  • 2 File Folder Record Sheets (1 Blank & 1 w/ names of games).

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Sinónimos y Antónimos File Folder Games (Gr. 1-6)

Synonyms and antonyms file folder games in Spanish - 2 games + 2 worksheets


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